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Global Talent Management Leader

Awarding body

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).


Information Technology (IT)

This program is about:

Senior HR Professionals aspire to be Chief HR Officers or Chief Talent Officer.

What will you accomplish:

  1. Understand concepts and perspectives in talent management.
  2. Understand the elements of strategy and leadership in talent management.
  3. Understand critical focus areas of talent management practice.
  4. Understand international talent management and insights.
  5. Understand talent leadership capabilities.
  6. Understand future readiness in talent management.


GTML™ is ideal for senior HR professionals who are ready for a global role in HR through insightful talent management.


  1. Defining Concepts And Perspectives In Talent Management
  2. Elements Of Strategy And Leadership In Management
  3. Critical Focus Areas Of Talent Management Practice
  4. International Talent Management Experiences & Insights
  5. Talent Leadership Capabilities
  6. Future Readiness

Program Details:

The Global Talent Management Leader (GTML™) is the world’s most prestigious qualification designed to accelerate the rise of senior HR professionals into heads of heads of Global HR and Talent Management. Featuring learning materials from global knowledge leaders, and fleshed on the only global Talent Management body of knowledge, the GTML™ credential demonstrates with authority one’s readiness to excel in the most challenging and high-profile global assignments and leadership roles in HR.

The journey of acquiring the GTML™ credential is packed with stimulating learning in the art and science of Talent Management in a global context. The GTML™ learning program includes a collection of insightful learning material on advanced techniques, frameworks and tools to be practiced and deployed for effectively driving business though Talent Management.


There are four convenient tracks covering HR professionals from diverse backgrounds and experience:

  • Track 1: Bachelor in Human Resource Management (HRM)/ Business/ Management/ HRM-Allied Disciplines Plus 10 years or more in any of the HR sub-functions
  • Track 2: Bachelor in Non-HRM/ Other disciplines Plus 12 years or more of full-time work in any of the HR subfunctions or those related
  • Track 3: Master’s degree/ Master’s Diploma in HRM / Business/ Management/ HRM-allied disciplines Plus 8 years or more of full-time work in any of the HR subfunctions or those related
  • Track 4: Master’s degree/ Master’s Diploma in any discipline in any discipline from an accredited institution Plus 10 years or more of full-time work in any of the HR subfunctions or those related

35 hours


2-5 hours/week


Talent Management Institute – TMI


Global Talent Management Leader







Program Cost

4,953 BD

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