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ِALMI LOMA 280 – Principle of Insurance

Awarding body

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).


Information Technology (IT)

This program is about:

Introducing the principles of insurance, the process of becoming insured, and the policy owner’s contractual rights. The program includes information on the features of individual and group life insurance, health insurance and annuity products.

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the Basic Principles of Insurance.
  2. Understand Individual Life Insurance.
  3. Understand Individual Life Insurance Policy Provisions and Ownership Rights.
  4. Understand the Annuities.
  5. Outline Group Life Insurance and Group Retirement Plans.
  6. Understand Health Insurance.

The program provide you with:

  1. Introduction to risk and insurance.
  2. The life and health insurance industry and its regulation.
  3. Life insurance policies as contracts.
  4. Financial design of life insurance products.
  5. Meeting customer needs.
  6. Term life insurance and cash value life insurance.
  7. Supplemental benefits.
  8. Individual life insurance policy provisions.
  9. Life insurance policy ownership rights.
  10. Annuities.
  11. Principles of group insurance.
  12. Group life insurance and group retirement plans

The program is suitable for:

  • Profession level: All employees who are working in insurance, banking, and other financial services.
  • Education level: students and or recent Diploma or BA degree graduates in business, economics, management, and related fields of science and preferably with some work experience.

Awarding body:

Life Office Management Association (LOMA)



Type of certificate:



Online Exam

Career progression:

It leads to higher career levels: Associate Life Management Institute (ALMI) and Fellow Life Management Institute (FLMI).


Enma Institue

Tamkeen support scheme:

Professional Scheme

Learner Obligations:

Compliance to program rules & regulations set by the institute and awarding body.


  • Principles Of Group Insurance.
  • Introduction To Risk And Insurance.
  • The Life And Health Insurance Industry And Its Regulation.
  • Life Insurance Policies As Contracts.
  • Financial Design Of Life Insurance Products.
  • Meeting Customer Needs.
  • Term Life Insurance And Cash Value Life Insurance.
  • Supplemental Benefits.
  • Individual Life Insurance Policy Provisions.
  • Life Insurance Policy Ownership Rights.
  • Annuities.
  • Group Life Insurance And Group Retirement Plans

30 hours


2-5 hours/week




ِALMI LOMA 280 – Principle of Insurance







Program Cost

750 BD

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