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Senior Business Strategy Professional – SBSP™

Awarding body

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).


Information Technology (IT)

This program is about:

Building up a conceptual framework to help mid-career and senior professionals and executives interpret and use Business Strategy as a key tool to refine decisions, outcomes and performance related to their function and roles.

It is designed as a career-accelerator for those who have been working in management consulting, finance, digital business, product management, consumer sales, investment banking, private equity, project management, public services, technology, and other related areas. It is an ideal certification for professionals aiming to prove their readiness for leadership roles in their departments.

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  1. Understand how strategy is made within organizations.
  2. Understand the concepts and techniques to identify and exploit the sources of profitability available to the firm.
  3. Understand Porter’s five forces framework its application to analyze competition, predict industry profitability and develop strategy.
  4. Understand analysis of industry and competition beyond the limits of the Porter framework.
  5. Understand how the internal foundation of a firm can be used in the analysis of competitive advantage.
  6. Understand the fundamentals of strategy implementation.
  7. Understand the dynamics of competitive advantage, examining the processes through which competitive advantage is created and destroyed.
  8. Understand and manage change.
  9. Understand the role of technology as a key driver of change and as important source of competitive advantage.
  10. Understand the implications of internationalization for strategic analysis/
  11. Understand the activities of the corporate headquarters and its relationships with the business.
  12. Understand mergers, acquisitions and alliances in their contribution to the firm’s strategic objectives.

The program provide you with:

  1. Goals, values, and performance
  2. Industry & competitive analysis
  3. Resources, capabilities, structure & management
  4. Competitive advantage & strategic change management
  5. Technology industries & innovation
  6. Vertical integration & the scope of the firm
  7. Global business and diversification strategy
  8. Managing the multibusiness firm
  9. External growth strategies
  10. Business strategy for digital disruption

The program is suitable for:

  • Profession level: mid-career and senior professionals and executives across all business management functions especially valuable for professionals who need deeper, more insightful, and tool-backed knowledge of strategy to be able to instinctively align their own work approach to the organization’s strategic needs.
  • Education level: BSc with 5 years of experience or master’s degree with 3 years of experience in any management or business function or industry.

Awarding body:

Business Strategy Institute (TSI)


Business Strategy

Type of certificate:



Online Exam

Career progression:

It leads to higher career levels: NA


Enma Institue

Tamkeen support scheme:

Professional Scheme

Learner Obligations:

Compliance to program rules & regulations set by the institute and awarding body.


  • Goals, Values, And Performance
  • Industry & Competitive Analysis
  • Resources, Capabilities, Structure & Management
  • Competitive Advantage & Strategic Change Management
  • Technology Industries & Innovation
  • Vertical Integration & The Scope Of The Firm
  • Global Business And Diversification Strategy
  • Managing The Multibusiness Firm
  • External Growth Strategies
  • Business Strategy For Digital Disruption

35 hours


2-5 hours/week


The Strategy Institute


Senior Business Strategy Professional – SBSP™







Program Cost

1,000 BD

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