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Key Performance Indicator Associate (KPIA)

Awarding body

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).


Information Technology (IT)

This program is about:

Introducing KPIs and their strategic context, and then introducing professionals to a step-by-step methodology that can be used to develop various types of KPIs. Through short lectures, case studies, and applied exercises, the fundamentals of KPI development and how to align measures that drive improvement to strategy will be discussed.

Created by the Balanced Scorecard Institute and offered in association with the George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, part of the College of Professional Studies, the KPIA program is designed to teach best practices to anyone involved in developing performance measures.

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  1. Create buy-in and a culture of continuous performance improvement.
  2. Drive performance-informed budgeting and accountability.
  3. Develop best practice KPIs, performance targets, and management dashboards.
  4. Improve performance of departments, teams, programs, projects, risks, and individuals.
  5. Communicate performance information throughout the organization to better inform decision-making.

The program provide you with:

  1. Introduction to KPIs and KPI Development
    Introduction to Application Exercises, KPI Case Studies, Tools, Templates, and Supplemental Resources
  2. Performance Measure Development Process
    The Process of Developing Performance Measures
  3. Performance Measure Development Process, continued
  4. Understand Alternative Measures, cont. o Using the Cause-Effect Analysis to Develop Alternative Measures

The program is suitable for:

  • Profession level: planners, analysts, senior managers and leaders who are establishing and managing performance measurement and management.
  • Education level: students and or recent Diploma or BA degree graduates in a business management fields and related fields of science and preferably with some work experience.

Awarding body:

Balanced Scorecard Institute


Strategy and Governance

Type of certificate:



Online Exam

Career progression:

It leads to higher career levels:


Enma Institue

Tamkeen support scheme:

Professional Scheme

Learner Obligations:

Compliance to program rules & regulations set by the institute and awarding body.


  • Introduction To KPIs And KPI Development Introduction To Application Exercises, KPI Case Studies, Tools, Templates, And Supplemental Resources
  • Performance Measure Development Process The Process Of Developing Performance Measures
  • Performance Measure Development Process, Continued
  • Understand Alternative Measures, Cont. O Using The Cause-Effect Analysis To Develop Alternative Measures

21 hours


2-5 hours/week


Balanced Scorecard Institute


Key Performance Indicator Associate (KPIA)





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Program Cost

1,200 BD

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