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Balanced Scorecard Professional – BSP

Awarding body

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).


Information Technology (IT)

This program is about:

At the Introduction part, the program discussing the award-winning Nine Steps to Success™ balanced scorecard development methodology and how to build and implement a balanced scorecard for any commercial, government or nonprofit organization with a practical step-by-step approach.

At the Advanced part, the program builds on the introductory knowledge from Part 1, providing more tools and techniques to help build, deploy, and sustain a scorecard system. Part 2 focuses on common scorecard development difficulties and nuances found in real-world organizations that have implemented the Nine Steps framework. It delves deeper into the more advanced subjects our trainees have been asking for: strategic thinking, practical examples, details on cascading, budgeting, change management, facilitation evaluation, and more.

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  1. Articulate the six steps needed to build a scorecard system and the three steps needed to implement these systems.
  2. Explain the evolution of measurement and strategic management systems.
  3. Utilize an organizational assessment to set vision, mission, and strategy.
  4. Develop strategic theme and results, strategic objectives, and strategy map.
  5. Define performance measures, targets, and thresholds.
  6. Develop initiatives and a prioritization plan.
  7. Identify and understand the three implementation steps of automation, cascading, and evaluation.
  8. Use software to communicate performance information.
  9. Cascade the scorecard throughout the organization.
  10. Using scorecard information to improve performance.
  11. Overcome the challenges of integrating balanced scorecard systems with other enterprise-wide systems.
  12. Apply the BSC to an organization’s needs, making it relevant to company – specific issues.

The program provide you with:

  1. Basic concepts of the balanced scorecard and how it can be used to improve organizational performance.
  2. How to build and implement a scorecard using the Nine Steps to Success™ methodology.
  3. How to develop strategy maps and initiatives for improving organization strategy and performance.
  4. How to develop more meaningful performance measures.
  5. The best sequence of steps to build a strategy-focused organization.
  6. How to design and implement a scorecard within existing frameworks.
  7. Balanced scorecard “best practices”.
  8. How to cascade the enterprise scorecard throughout the organization.
  9. How to drive a performance-informed budget and build employee accountability.
  10. The evaluation of planning documents and processes.

The program is suitable for:

  • Profession level: planners, analysts, managers, and leaders who are building, implementing, and maintaining strategic performance management.
  • Education level: students and or recent Diploma or BA degree graduates in a business management field and related fields of science and preferably with some work experience.

Awarding body:

Balanced Scorecard Institute


Strategy and Governance

Type of certificate:



Online Exam

Career progression:

It leads to higher career levels:


Enma Institue

Tamkeen support scheme:

Professional Scheme

Learner Obligations:

Compliance to program rules & regulations set by the institute and awarding body.


  • Basic Concepts Of The Balanced Scorecard And How It Can Be Used To Improve Organizational Performance.
  • How To Build And Implement A Scorecard Using The Nine Steps To Success™ Methodology.
  • How To Develop Strategy Maps And Initiatives For Improving Organization Strategy And Performance.
  • How To Develop More Meaningful Performance Measures.
  • The Best Sequence Of Steps To Build A Strategy-Focused Organization.
  • How To Design And Implement A Scorecard Within Existing Frameworks.
  • Balanced Scorecard “Best Practices”.
  • How To Cascade The Enterprise Scorecard Throughout The Organization.
  • How To Drive A Performance-Informed Budget And Build Employee Accountability.
  • The Evaluation Of Planning Documents And Processes.

21 hours


2-5 hours/week


Balanced Scorecard Institute


Balanced Scorecard Professional – BSP







Program Cost

1,200 BD

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